The “World” Comes to FaithSearch

Mundo & Esther Gomez, new associate evangelists bringing the Gospel with evidence to Spanish-speaking peoples everywhere.

Mundo & Esther Gomez, new associate evangelists bringing the Gospel with evidence to Spanish-speaking peoples everywhere.

FaithSearch announced that God has answered our prayers—and an urgent need—by providing a couple to be our Spanish-language evangelists / trainers / teachers.

Mundo & Esther Gomez have responded to God’s call to become Associate Evangelists with FaithSearch International, to bring the Gospel with evidence to Spanish-speaking peoples everywhere.

“Mundo” (short for Edmundo) is literally the Spanish word for “world”—hence, the “world” has come to FaithSearch. Continue reading

Super Special Shepherds


2014 Israel Tour

Our 2014 “Who Do You Say I Am?” tour of the Holy Land was an opportunity to walk where Jesus walked, and see firsthand some of the evidence for the truth of the Gospel message.

Christmas greetings to you from the entire staff of FaithSearch International. This is the first Christmas since our May tour to the historic land of Jesus. It was a wonderfully enlightening trip and the participants bonded together as only the Holy Spirit could accomplish. 

Of course, a memorable visit to Bethlehem was essential. This is where the prophet Micah prophesied that our Messiah and Savior would be born:

But you, Bethlehem Ephrathah, though you are small among the clans of Judah, out of you will come for Me One who will be ruler over Israel, whose origins are from of old, from days of eternity (Micah 5:2, NIVOpen Link in New Window).

In this short letter we offer a precious insight about the birth of Jesus which we hope will bring joy to your heart and insight into the God-ordained event which occurred in history 2,000 years ago. Perhaps you will share it with your friends and family during the upcoming holiday. We also ask you to consider prayerfully making a special year-end donation, which could be doubled by a matching gift. Continue reading

Letter from Dr. Don Bierle

Israel Tour 2014

Friends of FaithSearch joined Dr. & Mrs. Bierle in
a firsthand exploration of the evidence for the New
Testament on our recent Holy Land tour.

Shalom FaithSearch Friend,

I can’t resist using a Hebrew greeting since Vernee and I just returned from leading a group of forty-one friends of FaithSearch on a memorable tour of Israel, the land of Jesus. It was remarkable:

  • Crossing the Sea of Galilee in a fishing boat while we sang praise songs with a recording artist
  • Speaking in the same first century synagogue where Jesus announced His divine identity in His home town of Nazareth (Luke 4Open Link in New Window:16ff)
  • Seeing for the first time the first century “Jesus boat” found along the Sea of Galilee
  • Praying in the same Garden of Gethsemane where Jesus did (Mark 14Open Link in New Window:32ff)
  • Walking on the same stone street that Jesus walked, next to the Western wall of the temple mount
  • The "Jesus Boat"

    The so-called “Jesus boat” is an ancient fishing craft dating from the first century. It was discovered in 1986 on the shore of the Sea of Galilee. The boat’s remains are 27 feet long and 7.5 feet wide.

    Sitting at the Pool of Siloam where Jesus healed the blind man (John 9Open Link in New Window)

  • Remembering Jesus’ death for us during communion at the Garden Tomb
  • Standing at Caesarea Philippi where Jesus asked his disciples, “Who do you say that I am?” (John 8:27)

The spiritual impact of our primary evangelism event, FaithSearch Discovery, is its scientific proof that the biblical accounts of Jesus’ life and ministry are from eyewitnesses and are historically accurate. As the apostle Peter stated, “For we did not follow cleverly devised tales when we made known to you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but we were eyewitnesses of His majesty” (2 Peter 1:16Open Link in New Window). Continue reading

Trip Report: April 2014

Krasnoyarsk, Penza, Saratov, Tula, Nalchik, and Moscow

Siberia: Cloudy and almost 80° with a little bit of snow–unlike back home!

Siberia: Cloudy and almost 80° with a little bit of snow–unlike back home!

There was still quite a bit of snow in our backyard at home on the day I left for Krasnoyarsk, Siberia. It was by contrast +77° F when I got there, which was sort of a joke after the Russians had managed the Winter Olympic Games in subtropical Sochi!

In addition to the temperature, the emotional tension was also noticeably high, as the country tottered on the verge of war with its centuries-long friend: Ukraine. Being a very relational culture, Russians expressed their political views and positions in a very personal way. For example, “Oleg comes from the United States; the United States supports Ukraine; Russia does not like Ukraine; therefore, we are canceling Oleg’s presentation in the State Krasnoyarsk University.” As a result, two hundred public school teachers and university students missed an opportunity to hear the Gospel with Evidence and to be trained in teaching the FaithSearch Discovery curriculum in their schools! Continue reading

Trip Report: January-February 2014

Ukraine and Russia

Kiev: In the tent city housing thousands of protestors in the heart of Kiev, Ukraine.

Kiev: In the tent city housing thousands of protestors in the heart of Kiev, Ukraine.

I was listening to an audio book of Tolstoy’s War and Peace on this trip (I cannot read a printed book on the bus with its constant shakes and jumps on the icy road somewhere in Russia or Ukraine). He described the winter in 1812, which forced Napoleon out of Russia. I could not help feeling the same way in Ukraine when all the violence and battling suddenly ceased for a couple of weeks simply because of the cold! In the city of Dnepropetrovsk, all the barricades and the tents were removed by the snow plows sent out to clear the city after an unusually heavy snow storm. If only all the political unrest could have been resolved and settled by the “climate change”! Continue reading

2014 Silent Auction Sample Listings

2013 Silent Auction Action

2013 Silent Auction Action

We are looking forward to seeing you at the 2014 Friends of FaithSearch Benefit Dinner and Silent Auction, Saturday, May 17, at Grace Church in Eden Prairie. (Details are here.)

Once again we have a diverse selection of items available, with something sure to please everybody. Come join us and enjoy the fun and excitement of the bidding, and get some valuable items as well.

Here is just a sample of what will be on hand: Continue reading

COMING SOON! 2014 Friends of FaithSearch Benefit Dinner & Silent Auction

2014_BenefitSaturday, May 17
Grace Church
9301 Eden Prairie Rd., Eden Prairie, MN

In Luke 5:5-8Open Link in New Window, Jesus instructs Peter and his crew to “cast the nets on the other side of the boat,” where they miraculously found a net-breaking catch of fish.

Our theme this year is “As You Say… LORD!”  Peter initially responded to Jesus’ instruction respectfully, calling Him “Master.” When he witnessed the miraculous catch resulting from Jesus’ guidance, he bowed and worshiped Him as LORD.

Through 35 years of ministry, FaithSearch International has sought the Lord’s direction at each turn for where next to “cast the nets” in proclaiming the Gospel with evidence. We have been equally amazed as God has guided the growth of our ministry. Witness several key watershed moments in our history: Continue reading

Trip Report: November-December 2013

Moscow, Saratov, Kostroma, Chelyabinsk, Kurgan, Pyatigorsk, Perm

Moscow: Presenting evidence for the  New Testament to students and teachers  at Pleskovo High School.

Moscow: Presenting evidence for the New Testament to students and teachers
at Pleskovo High School.

As always, my trip planning started with just a couple of places extending invitations, and it ended up with events in seven major cities, which were spread over half of the Russian map. Two Bible Colleges–in Chelyabinsk and in Pyatigorsk–traditionally put me on their schedule for each new batch of students. One of their academic deans commented:

I am not aware of any other course out there that better prepares and equips a person for Evangelism–lay or clergy. Most importantly, you show our students that one does not have to be a theologian or a trained teacher to present this material in a very clear, straightforward and persuasive form.

Continue reading

Trip Report: Russia, October 2013

Moscow, Yakutsk, Bryansk, Krasnodar, Petrozavodsk, St. Petersburg

Yakutsk: “Yes, this history of Christianity is available for use in your school.”

Yakutsk: “Yes, this history of Christianity is available for use in your school.”

This was by far the highest mileage I have covered on one trip! It is a humbling experience indeed to fly to the region of Yakutia, which is six time zones to the East of Moscow. Then I realized there are actually four more time zones even further East–all the way to the Pacific coast of Russia. Yet it was a very encouraging and inspiring trip, too. The Lord was opening the doors for our ministry to preach the Gospel with evidence in these remote parts of the country, where not many Western missionaries are even allowed to go without a special clearance from the government. Speaking of which, my air travel this time was almost completely covered by the Russian government and/or by the local churches. Which is why I had to fly to the city of Krasnodar (in Southern Russia) twice–they didn’t care to save money by scheduling my two conferences in the same week. Instead, they readily paid my airfare twice. I’m not complaining because they gathered a total of thirteen hundred people between those two events: teachers, students, clergy, military, and many others.

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Trip Report: Russia, July-August 2013

Presenting FaithSearch Discovery  under the tent in Izhevsk

Presenting FaithSearch Discovery under the tent in Izhevsk

No schools, no teachers’ trainings, no universities were in session during the summertime. Why then would I be going on a trip to Russia in July and August? To do what I have not been doing much in the last few years–to teach in churches, at youth camps, Sunday schools, and home Bible classes. My involvement with the Russian pedagogical community and academia over the last five years kept me busy teaching the course of the “Rational and Historic Foundation of Christian Faith” almost exclusively to public school teachers and university students. So much that I almost forgot how it feels–to speak to a youth camp audience in the morning and then spend the rest of the day answering their many questions during meals, on countryside hikes, and around the campfire. Besides, the summer days are longer and nobody seemed to be in a hurry to leave after my presentation in a church or at a Bible class. Conversations would often continue well after midnight as the questions become more personal, deep and profound! Continue reading