About FaithSearch

“The Gospel with Evidence” is the official blog of FaithSearch International.

FaithSearch International exists to “proclaim the Gospel with evidence to all peoples everywhere,” which we have been doing since 1979.  Our aim is more than merely to provide evidence; we desire to introduce people to the person of Jesus Christ. Many people don’t know that Christianity is supported by the greatest body of scientific, historical, and biblical evidence the world has ever known! Once this is established, the next (and logical) step is to consider the claims Jesus made for Himself—that He is the incarnation of God to earth—and what this means for each of us.

We call this message “the Gospel with evidence.” This means that we talk about the “why” as well as the “what” of the Christian faith. This blog exists to continue this conversation in a dynamic way, beyond printed publications and media resources. We invite your thoughts and reactions (though we reserve the right to edit or delete any content we deem inappropriate).

To learn more about us, visit our Web site, www.faithsearch.org.

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